PROTEGORPROTEGOR is the best-selling Self-Defense manual in the French language.

Published in 2008, this book is different from other manuals in its clear and concise coverage of:
– personal security, including preventing problems, how to avoid dangers, being prepared and de-escalating confrontations
– self-defense techniques, in a functional, street-oriented way, not a martial arts system
– urban survival, including what to do AFTER the incident such as personal first aid, working with EMS, dealing with law enforcement and attorneys and personal stress management

The PROTEGOR.NET website was launched at the same time, to bring new and updated information to readers. In November of 2008, PROTEGOR.NET/BLOG was born. The blog format is flexible and allows new and updated product information, self-defense topics and personal tips to be continually shared with readers.

PROTEGOR has already set up partnerships with professionals in the field, such as tactical equipment makers & distributors, medical/first aid companies and a police video blog. PROTEGOR has also set up several partnerships with quality international brands. Audience wise, it is the leading blog about personal security for readers of the French language. Our content is widely shared in various social media.

Both the book and the blog are currently available in the French language only. Sorry for that. The PROTEGOR team is open to discussion of foreign partnerships opportunities for French-speaking market enrty & distribution, or editorial/communication projects.

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